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Choose from a library of audio clips to create your own, personalized hypnosis audios for peak performance in areas like:

Sports, Work, Weight Loss, and more…
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A Note from Dawn Grant

Since 1994, I have been PROFESSIONALLY helping people to OVERCOME LIFE’S CHALLENGES, enabling them to ACHIEVE THEIR GOALSOBTAIN PERSONAL FULFILLMENT and LIVE THEIR IDEAL LIFE. With an obvious PASSION for my work I have drawn clients GLOBALLY.

The YEARS OF EXPERIENCE  working ONE-ON-ONE with clients who were dealing with some of life’s GREATEST CHALLENGES fed nicely into training for athletes, when in 2007 I was sought out by PGA TOUR PROS. Since then I have been  working full-time with MAINSTREAM & ELITE ATHLETES.

My work has TIME-PROVEN RESULTS… with PGA TOUR PROS averaging a 219% INCREASE IN EARNINGS after our work together.

I’m also proud to say that in 2008, I helped PGA TOUR PRO VIJAY SINGH with a MENTAL SHIFT that contributed to his 2 FEDEX CUP PLAYOFF WINS and his earning of the 2008 FEDEX CUP CHAMPIONSHIP.

After DECADES of HELPING PEOPLE in PRIVATE SESSIONS on a FULL TIME basis, I have created HIGHLY EFFECTIVE TRAINING PROGRAMS unlike any others in the WORLD.   Not only will you be AMAZED at your IMPROVEMENT, you will likely WISH you had sought me out SOONER!


Praise for Dawn (Creator of Mind Mastered)


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Launching early 2021!

You'll go to the app store (Google Play or Apple iTunes, depending on your device) and search for "Mind Mastered". Then click "install" and, voila!

As many as you want! Sky's the limit. Create sessions for different purposes and play them at your convenience. The sessions can be downloaded to your device, so they can be played without internet connection.

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