Dawn Grant
Creator of Mind Mastered

Armed with a Bachelors in Psychology, I have been professionally helping people to overcome life’s challenges since 1994; enabling them to achieve their goals, obtain personal fulfillment, and live life in joy.

I received certification as a Hypnotist in 2001, then opened a private practice as a Mental Trainer and Hypnotist on Amelia Island. In this full-time, successful practice I have acquired and perfected powerful, effective, unique techniques to connect with and assist clients in experiencing greater health, wellness, peak performance, and inner peace. My clients genuinely eliminate unhealthy behaviors, destructive habits, and debilitating thoughts. They become free of the limitations caused by worry, doubt, fear, and regret. And since the mind and body are in a cause and effect relationship, the clearing out of these type of unhealthy thoughts and habits relieves my clients of physical conditions like stress, anxiety, health issues, weakened immune systems, and hinderances to their performance.

Since 2006 my main clientele has been elite competitive athletes and Olympic hopefuls who live all over the world; they hold credentials in PGA TOUR, LPGA, Web.com TOUR, IJGA, USA Shooting, ISSF, PSCA, USA Sporting Clays Team, WBA, Ironman, and NCAA.

My work has contributed to multiple World Champion titles and Hall of Fame honors.

In spite of this level of ability to help, I watch loved ones struggle in their day to day lives due to subconscious thought patterns and reinforced unhealthy habits. Often times I find myself in public places overhearing people upset and complaining about their lives and circumstances. It does not seem to matter which part of the planet I am on, I see and hear people suffering due to their own debilitating thoughts and negative mindsets. It seems to be a universal phenomenon that people go about their days sad, upset, angry, and unhappy. When people find out what I do for a living, they say “Boy, could I use you!” or “How can I schedule an appointment?” I feel for these people because I want to help them. Even more so, because I know I have the knowledge and tools that could help them. But there just hasn’t been enough of me to go around.

I’ve spent years wishing I had a method and a means to make the knowledge I have and the tools I use available and accessible to people across the planet… until now…

Praise for Dawn (Creator of Mind Mastered)

Proud of Mind Mastered

Mind Mastered has the ability for people to master their mind and stop feeling like they’re a victim of their mind or thoughts.

How Dawn Got Her Start

Dawn got her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with the intent to help children and families. When she first came out of college, that’s what she did as a children’s caseworker in a very traditional setting. Within the first year out of college, she felt a little frustrated because she really wanted to see change…